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Saltwater & Fresh Water Fish in East Brunswick, New Jersey

At Aquaridise in East Brunswick, New Jersey, you will find a nice selection of saltwater and fresh water fish for both your fish tank and reef aquarium. We stock a vast array of African cichlids, Discus, South and Central American cichlids, goldfish, and the best quality livebearers around. We also carry some of the finest corals in the world.

Saltwater Fish

Aquaridise caters to both the beginning saltwater hobbyist and the seasoned veteran. You can count on us to guide you from startup right through to your ultimate success. Keeping saltwater fish is easier than ever when we help you purchase the right equipment.

At Aquaridise, we know what is right for your fish. We specialize in special ordering any equipment we do not have in stock and we will do our best to match any online price on any equipment we do not carry.

Our Inventory Includes:

  • High-End Saltwater Equipment
  • UU Sterilizers
  • Tickle Filters
  • Protein Skimmers
  • LED Lighting
  • Pre-Mixed Saltwate
  • RO Water

Fresh Water Fish

Fresh water fish are the heart and soul of the aquarium hobby. Most people start with fresh water fish and many enjoy keeping a vast variety for their entire life. At Aquaridise, we carry some of the most unique and unusual fresh water fish available. The selection of African cichlids we keep in stock is sure to provide with various options for your aquarium.

Aquaridise brings in our fancy goldfish from an award-winning company in California to offer you the absolute best quality fish found anywhere. From guppies to angels, discus to platies, loaches, cichlids, and gouramis, we have it all and the list goes on and on. If you want it, we either have it or can get it for you.
Contact our aquarium pet store in East Brunswick, New Jersey, for more information about our saltwater and fresh water fish.